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Photo by Julia Rendleman

Here’s a little about me.

I’m a versatile and competitive reporter who thrives on breaking news but also relishes deep dives. Right now, I cover some of Virginia’s largest school systems as a reporter for The Washington Post. I’m also studying investigative reporting in the graduate School of Communication at American University. In addition to sharpening my reporting skills, I’m learning how to make graphics, shoot and edit video, produce websites, analyze data and cover the U.S. Supreme Court.

Before landing in Washington D.C., I worked for six years at The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where I was ultimately promoted to cover city hall. I reported on a federal probe of city business that ultimately led to the indictment of the police chief and the decline of a young mayor’s political career. My coverage garnered several awards and led to policy changes.

Prior to that, I covered crime and breaking news, where I gained a reputation as the newsroom’s scrappy utility player. I wrote several stories and updates a day for the Post-Gazette website with the aim of keeping the website on the leading edge of breaking news. I was part of a team that won an award for the paper’s coverage of the Penn State sex abuse scandal. My in-depth reporting on gun laws in the wake of a mass shooting at a psychiatric hospital led to state to repair a problem that left a half-million mental health records out of a national background check database. I also directed wrap-around digital coverage of a global youth conference set in Pittsburgh.

I ended my tenure in Pittsburgh reporting on unionization in the garment industry in Bangladesh as Bringing Home the World Fellow with the International Center for Journalists. I also traveled to camps in eastern Nepal to write about Bhutanese refugees coming to Pittsburgh as a Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting grantee.

Outside of work, I’m an untalented but enthusiastic amateur athlete, having completed several long-distance races and triathlons and supplied local orthopedists with plenty of business. I completed my first marathon in 2012 and lived to write about it.


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